Firm History

Our firm traces its beginning to 1978, when founding partner David H. King began practicing law at 203 3rd Avenue South, the same location that the firm uses today. In 1983, Mr. King was joined in his practice by Franklin lawyers Ernie Williams and Dave Alexander, and the trio began practicing law together as the firm Alexander, King & Williams. Tony L. Turnbow joined the firm as an associate in 1984, and four years later Mr. King and Mr. Turnbow formed the partnership King & Turnbow.     In 1992, they were joined by retired FBI agent Kent Q. Brisby, who has since also retired from law practice. In 2012, Jacob A. Vanzin, once a summer intern at the firm, joined the firm as an associate.   Mr. Vanzin and Derek K. Smith, a former Circuit Judge of the 21st Judicial District,  have joined the firm as professional limited liability partners.

Today, King, Turnbow, Smith & Vanzin, PLLP is a full-service general practice firm that handles both simple and complex matters for individuals, families, small businesses, corporations, associations, and nonprofits. We haven’t outgrown our small-town feel. Our clients are our neighbors, and we give each client the respect and individual attention that his or her case deserves.